Un Nuevo Comienzo



Un Nuevo Comienzo Program provides rental assistance and scattered site housing throughout Baltimore City and County to HIV+ immigrant clients with Limited English Proficiency, of mainly Hispanic/ Latino origin. Supportive case management focuses on greater access to healthcare, substance abuse recovery, employability and income, with the goal of strengthening self-sufficiency. 

Eligibility: Low income, HIV+ individuals and family members with Limited English Proficiency. Federal Funding Source: HOPWA. 

Capacity: 22 units. 

How to Apply

Anyone fitting these criteria is eligible to apply, regardless of current connection to case management. This program is marketed through outreach to the Latino Network of Providers in Metropolitan Baltimore and through medical providers serving the Latino Community. 

Please call our Program Manager Quetsy Sublett at 410-576-5070, ext. 130 for further information.