Don Miller Homes


The Don Miller Homes are the cornerstone of AIRS. Founded as the faith-based community's response to the HIV/AIDS crisis, no where is our mission more evident than at the Don Miller Homes.

The Don Miller Houses are adult foster care facilities, licensed to provide room, board, assistance, and supervision needed by adults with disabilities who are capable of living in the community, but are unable to live alone. AIRS staff provide a protective living environment in a homelike setting for ten individuals living with end-stage AIDS. Don Miller Homes are a popular living environment based on the fact they are home-like, yet are fully handicapped accessible. Each house has 24- hour staffing, a state requirement that allows us to be sensitive and responsive to the frequently changing needs of each resident.

The resident population of the Don Miller Houses consists of low-income single adults with AIDS who were formerly housed in the shelter system, nursing homes, hospitals, or come from the streets. Supportive services and compassionate care are provided while supporting the medical needs to ensure the quality of life desired by each resident. All residents have compounding and co-morbid conditions, that may include serious mental illness, dementia, diabetes, kidney failure, and heart disease. Most residents have experienced homelessness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and the impact of street violence.

Residential Aides provide personal care, administer medications, prepare meals, coordinate and provide social events, manage household activities, as well as provide referrals for chemical dependency counseling, visiting nurses, legal, and financial services. Specific activities include:

  • Assess the residents need though regular checking, depending on their condition
  • Prepare meals and snacks
  • Assist residents in activities of daily living, cleaning, personal hygiene, dressing and laundry
  • Work with nurses, residents and other staff to insure that medical instructions are followed
  • Maintain the Don Miller House as a clean, cheerful, home-like environment
  • Offer hospitality to family and friends of the residents
  • Answer the phone and take messages
  • Communicate the events of the shift in the written log
  • Coordinate social events, holidays and birthday dinners

AIRS has a core of approximately 25 volunteers who work directly with the residents at the Don Miller Homes. We have tapped the local churches and schools, from which we get most of our volunteers. Volunteers help with meals and housekeeping, landscaping and gardening, transporting residents, and provide socialization to enhance the lives of the residents.  


 Low income, HIV+ individuals referred through Maryland's Project HOME.

Application Process

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, single, and referred through Project Home, Baltimore City Adult Services, 300 Metro Plaza, Baltimore, Md. 21215, 410-361-5000, (general number); 443-423-6629, (Intake). 


 Volunteer and Service Internships are available, with a one year commitment expected. Please contact Jenn Greger, Program Manager, at 410-433-8249, for further information. All volunteers and interns must be willing to go through a basic orientation process approved by Project Home, and be under Don Miller Staff supervision. 


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